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(Has never attended SCB before)

For Levels B & above, please contact the office to schedule a placement class.

Current/Previously Registered Students:

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6-week Tuition

Weekly Rate*

*Applies when not registering for FULL 6-week program

Group I



Group II



Group III



Group IV



FULL 6-Week Program


4-Week Comprehensive Only


2-Week Ballet Only


6-Week Tuition

Ballet for Athletes


1 T/A Class / Week


2 T/A Classes / Week


3 T/A Classes / Week


4 T/A Classes / Week


T/A 5-Class Card
(for 9 weeks)


Single Class (Drop In)
Available for Ballet for Athletes & T/A ONLY.
Must be paid at time of class.


6-Week Tutition

Pre-Ballet I


Pre-Ballet II, III, IV & Level A


ONE (1) Week


TWO (2) Weeks


Please pay tuition upon receipt of invoice, after completing registration. Note that invoices may take up to THREE (3) days to appear in online account.

Acceptable forms of payment:
Checks – Payable to Salt Creek Ballet
Card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover

Questions about payment plans, automatic payments and other payment options should be directed to:
Mary Blake
(630) 769-1199