School registration is for August 28, 2023 – June 2, 2024. The school year is divided into FOUR (4) Sessions for tuition payment. A 5% LATE FEE will be applied to tuition if payment is not received after the first week of a session. If, for any reason, your student cannot complete all FOUR (4) sessions, we ask that you notify the office.


Salt Creek Ballet (SCB) requires FIVE (5) students to run a class. No refunds or credits can be given for missed classes. Classes must be made up in the session paid for. Please notify the school prior to absence. Families with two or more students (Pre-Ballet IV and above) enrolled are entitled to a family discount. The oldest student pays full tuition and each additional student receives 10% off their tuition. Students will adhere to the SCB Dress Code (see below).

By registering for or participating in any class, program or activity, the student and/or parent/guardian agrees to:

1) Notify Salt Creek Ballet (SCB), in writing, of any specific health concerns as they relate to student participation in dancing, receiving dance instruction, or in any way engaged with dance or dance instruction at SCB. Student and/or parent/guardian assume all risks of personal injury to the student while dancing, receiving dance instruction, or in any way engaged with dance or dance instruction at SCB. Student and/or parent/guardian acknowledge the hazards in an exercise program, accept the risks involved, and realize it is a hands-on activity. Student and/or parent/guardian has discussed any special problems with their (or their child’s) physician.

2) Indemnify and hold harmless Salt Creek Ballet (SCB) and its officers, directors, employees, instructors, agents and volunteers and all other persons associated officially or unofficially with SCB from any and all claims for physical or property loss, damage, injury or death from any cause whatsoever arising out of or in any way connected with any SCB program, performance, instruction or any use of the SCB facility or any facility operated or controlled by SCB, whether in whole or in part. Student and/or parent/guardian further agree that faxed/emailed signatures may be accepted as original signatures.

3) All students agree to abide by SCB’s code of conduct and will follow all SCB regulations.

4) Allow photographs or video to be taken during class, program or activity. All such material will remain the property of SCB, and may be used for promotional, or news media purposes. Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding photographs. All restrictions on photography/video must be made, in writing, by the student and/or parent/guardian.

Code of Conduct & School Regulations For All SCB Students:

1. Students must adhere to the SCB Dress Code (See below).
2. Keep hair neatly & securely up and off the face.
3. Arrive on time, ready to begin class. Be respectful and disciplined in all classes.
4. Notify the office, in writing, of any medical conditions which may impede full participation in a class/activity.
5. Notify instructors, before class, if you have any medical conditions, which may impede your full participation.
6. Call the office IN ADVANCE of any absence, citing SPECIFIC reason for absence.
7. Strive for perfect attendance, with the knowledge that ANY absences may prevent you from participation in performances/showcases/workshops. Participation in performances/showcases/workshops will be at the SOLE discretion of SCB and the instructors.
8. Strive to make-up absences in assigned level, or a lower level. Keep in mind that much can be achieved from taking a lower level class. Students are to communicate to the instructors when taking a make-up class.
9. Keep Food and Beverages (clear beverages only) in the assigned eating area ONLY.
10. Strive to dance to the best of your ability everyday!

Security Information:

1) Keypad entry into SCB facilities from the front vestibule. ALL students and parents/caregivers need a 4-digit code to enter SCB. The code will be changed yearly. Communication of code changes will happen through email correspondence. PLEASE make sure that you have provided SCB with your current email address so you receive the code changes. PLEASE ONLY share the code with those who need direct access to SCB (for pick-up/drop-off, etc.)

2) Front vestibule intercom for entry of individuals who do not have the code. Please feel free to press the intercom button if you require entry into the facilities. SCB will have a front office staff person monitor the intercom during regular business/class hours.

3) Panic buttons in every studio. USED ONLY FOR EMERGENCY PURPOSES, these buttons can be accessed by faculty and will relay the need for emergency services directly to emergency personnel.

4) Alarm system complete with cameras and motion detectors to secure all perimeter doors. No unauthorized person will be allowed access inside SCB facilities.

Additionally, SCB policy asks that students:
1) Wait inside SCB lobby for rides. Students may still wait in the vestibule, but please know that this area is not locked during normal business/class hours. Waiting in the vestibule is at the discretion of the parent(s). NO student should wait outside for a ride.

2) SCB students who can drive themselves are asked to NOT go to their cars alone.

Please note that SCB has installed these security measures in an effort to keep everyone safe while in our facility. Please review the policies and procedures carefully and feel free to contact Salt Creek Ballet with any questions at 630-769-1199.